we run from the easiest answers


i believe i knew before the dive,

i knew when i forgot where you were

i mean you know when someone goes

at the bottom of the lake
and at the bottom of everything
you thought you needed to find
and was dead already
with your face,
and your eyes wide,
purple-ish blue
dead long before
you knew it was missing
dead already when
you realized it was gone

so what there is now
to hold onto
must endure.

i love you and you’re the best


my friend john always looks at the ground
he’s THE BEST at it and I LOVE HIM so
whenever people come ’round there go his eyes
right past his feet

my friend john watches daytime tv
EXCEPT FOR THAT he’s pretty smart
and knows how to just look at the ground
and stay away from people’s eyes

my friend john is THE BEST around
and he talks about his strategies
and he talks and talks and talks
until his eyes then hit the ground

my friend john says he feels so large
knowing that he’s the best around
with billions of others, much worse
because I LOVE HIM so

deep in my ego


its like when they say it
they dont want me to even
my fight
i can only put up a fight
and fight for so long
before i have to quit trying
dedicating time and time and more
knowing what they say
dreams and fights
are bound inseparably
wound up wrapped
deep in our egos