we run from the easiest answers


i believe i knew before the dive,

i knew when i forgot where you were

i mean you know when someone goes

at the bottom of the lake
and at the bottom of everything
you thought you needed to find
and was dead already
with your face,
and your eyes wide,
purple-ish blue
dead long before
you knew it was missing
dead already when
you realized it was gone

so what there is now
to hold onto
must endure.

derailed delusions


the railroad tracks behind my
old house
remind me of the roads i


want to take
and how i left many of them behind
to write and to run

writing brings my fingers joy
and running brings me delusions
filled with grandeur

i don’t write too good
my england nor so too powerful

but i’m probably the best runner in the whole wide

when i run
beside the railroad tracks
behind my new house

my fingers are happy now
i need some delusions