I Have Died for the First Time


“I think of you as a brother,” SHE says

The words-like a spell-unlocked FEAR

Which attacked my heart relentlessly

To the point where I have now died my first death


I am dead inside

My heart bleeds profusely til the blood is no more

MY FEAR has taken solid form

And now exists to torture me


“I think of you not as a sister,

But something much more than that,”

I wish to say, but

My heart’s voice is being strangled


Did I speak far too soon?

Or did I speak far too late?

Did I release myself too quickly

Resulting in not relief, but the emptiness I feel now?


The Hurricane of Tragedy has broken

The Levees of my heart

Which suppressed my innermost emotions

Now the light which should guide me

To safe ground, has been Relinquished

And through the dark I must move alone

5 thoughts on “I Have Died for the First Time

  1. “I think of you as a brother,” is such a terrible phrase that no one should have to hear! It is worst than “I think of you as a friend.” By that horrid phrase, that person is basically saying that liking you would mean jumping over the bridge of incest and into the weirdland.

  2. Welcome to the world of love……….with all its joy and pain………may the former be more permanent in your evolution.

    P.S. for your clarification so the ‘purpose and meaning of the word’ is clear

    Levies (is an assessment—like taxes)

    Levees are embankments naturally created or constructed to prevent flooding which frequently burst (much like our dreams and expectations and New Orleans levees which resulted in Katrina tragedy)

    Figured you would want to know that.

    Hope you both are well and prospering.

    Regards from my family

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