technology, entertainment, design


i posit that all of this gas
and carbon nonsense is
the molecules within a falling
raindrop, electrons and
other scientific things popping
and fizzing as supernovas in
a black abyss. that chances are
we will be crushed on an umbrella,
that man will have spent all
of his time sitting in front of computer
screens, watching geniuses blabber,
positing about carbon and raindrops,
and plop,
right on some 9 year old’s hannah
montana umbrella. she’ll be livin’ like
us, ears closed, just like one big
epic irony. for feelings,
i guess.

My Backyard: The Bog


And the rain came down
Down and Down
Down and Down
And Down.
Down and Down
Down and Down
And Down.
And looking out the window
My countenance falls
Down and Down
Down and Down
And Down.
(catch breath)
Down and Down
Down and Down
And Down.
Until finally I’ve had enough.
To hell with this,
I’m taking a nap.

rain cloud


i am the rain cloud above the
ignorance parade.
i block out the sun
and ask “where did you
put your umbrella?”

i did not choose this.

i can be light as any cloud,
when there is no rain for
me to fall. i can let the sun
through when the wind pushes
me out of the way, or when
i am not feeling gray.
why should i feel bad?
i am like anything else.
without emotions getting
in the way.

All Around


Whistling aurora encases
Ears in a shuddering
Presence of imminence
Sound of sand spilling
From precipitous heights
Hissing as it treads closer
Surrounding every angle
Reaching coarse cement
Smashing liquid bullets
Leaping chaotic harmony
Shifting spectacle of pixels
Translucent humming static
Vibrating peacefully overhead