Friday Morning

Now I travel South
Towards a break in the clouds,
Sun, with any luck

when the fairy dust has settled

i marked the
inauguration with
feelings of trepidation

let’s remember that
“change” is not a magic
word made of sparkles
and dust, rather one
spelled with sleepless
nights, burning words,
and blood

let’s remember that
the “Dream” is not
a finish line to be
crossed, rather a reality
we must construct
first in our minds and in
our lives

and let’s remember that
our leaders cannot be God
sweeping down from the clouds
(or the White House) to pluck
you from your own troubles.

the contrasting twilight

the clarity of
the contrasting twilight
the lightning strikes
the city’s skyline
makes me wish
we were that
couple handinhand
quickly crossing
beneath clouds stacked