on my birthday


i want beer and yellow cake with
sprinkled frosting and then another
beer i want sunshine and wind
in my hair (or across my baldness)
i want donuts and beer and donuts
then more donuts and people
to tell me i’m special by giving
me beer and donuts and most of
all i don’t want people to leave
me notes on my facebook

round caked bliss


baked and glazed and fried
stuffed and frosted
long and round and twisted
-even holes

four pounds per week
i can eat six in a row

decisions are like donuts, or about donuts, mmm donuts…


back breakage
l i n e steppage (by this i mean cracks)
who has things
against their mother?

how we make decisions
like donuts
or houses
or even
where we
that is
you and i
place     each

i can do that
but not what
       to        eat

i can choose what to say
but not quite order in which it

should  be

how do they decide?

who has things
against their mom?!