Billy lost his thirties
To hard drugs and cheap booze
And a wife that didn’t love him

He lost his money because
He couldn’t stop himself
When the crack-pipe came around
And besides, the boys on Cork street
Always treated him right

Billy lost his stride to gas station food
And he lost swagger to head trauma

He even lost his luck on pawn

And now he’ll lose his forties
To the tumor that’s growing
In the roof of his mouth
But he’ll never lose that look in his eye,
not that horrible broken one.

Not til the day he dies.

decisions are like donuts, or about donuts, mmm donuts…


back breakage
l i n e steppage (by this i mean cracks)
who has things
against their mother?

how we make decisions
like donuts
or houses
or even
where we
that is
you and i
place     each

i can do that
but not what
       to        eat

i can choose what to say
but not quite order in which it

should  be

how do they decide?

who has things
against their mom?!