A Man for and With Others


I am no longer a student
But a scholar A follower
Of the teachings of Ignatius
My life is changing rapidly
To transform into a new
Being of competence
To show the world my best

What am I to become?
What am I in four short years?
What am I in my prime?
What am I when I move on to the other half of life?

I answer you now

I shall become
A Man for and With Others
I will be
A Man for and With Others
I shall succeed as
A Man for and With Others
When I leave this place I’ll be still
A Man for and With Others

A Single Tear is All I Shed


One tear shed for nature’s growth
and One tear shed for nature’s destruction
One tear shed for nature’s hunters
and One tear shed for nature’s hunted
One tear shed for the life of men
and One tear shed for the end of mankind
One tear shed for our abuse of nature
and One tear shed for nature’s vengeance on our race
One tear shed for all that is right in my life
and One tear shed for all that is wrong
One tear shed for the health of my family
and One tear shed for the sickness of us all
One tear shed for the words of God
and One tear shed for how He moves through us
One tear shed for those who were persecuted
and One tear shed for those who will never believe

The Bad Summer Daze


O how many summer mornings shall be filled with anger

When cooperation can be the first solution ?


O how many summer mid days are filled with joy

While pain exists so deep within our souls ?


O how many summer evenings drag on in dullness

Without distraction or relief from all the hurt ?


O how many more days must I wait in the heat

While time continue to pass me by ?

I Have Died for the First Time


“I think of you as a brother,” SHE says

The words-like a spell-unlocked FEAR

Which attacked my heart relentlessly

To the point where I have now died my first death


I am dead inside

My heart bleeds profusely til the blood is no more

MY FEAR has taken solid form

And now exists to torture me


“I think of you not as a sister,

But something much more than that,”

I wish to say, but

My heart’s voice is being strangled


Did I speak far too soon?

Or did I speak far too late?

Did I release myself too quickly

Resulting in not relief, but the emptiness I feel now?


The Hurricane of Tragedy has broken

The Levees of my heart

Which suppressed my innermost emotions

Now the light which should guide me

To safe ground, has been Relinquished

And through the dark I must move alone

Emotional Revelation


Lying awake at night

I ponder another’s words

Filled with strength and meaning

Two-plane reminder of my love and opener of my eyes

“Try to say goodbye and I choke,

Try to walk away and I stumble,

Though I try to hide it, it’s clear

My heart grumbles when you are not there”

Sung by one of my Mom’s favorite’s

Now these words speak to me,

As they traverse through my mind

Like the current of rushing rivers

Gathering from the deepest crevasses

Beautiful memories, purifying them

And carrying them to the surface

Where I now have attained a new level of sight

Sight through an opaque film

Made from the very substance it later shall shield from

Which should clear my vision of sorrow

P.S. That was a quote by Macy Gray from her song “I Try”

En Passant


In Passing

Me or Her or Both or All?

Do I pass through changes

As She passes from Life to Death?

Or does She pass through and through My mind

As I did pass through Hers in Life?

How many paths for passing do cross in this present time?

Can I hope I’m with Her now?

GOD’S playing field


imagine GOD
floating above
HIS playing field
manipulating every
piece and creating
incidents and accidents
all at once
the greatest creator
the greatest craftsmen
HE is flying high above us
looking down upon his model earth
but does HE, GOD have regrets
to some of his creations
and the manners of how they act
and the way they destroy
and the way they hate
and the way they corrupt
when are the coals of GOD’S fire pit
going to heat up and be ready to
torch this model and start anew
on city where GOD exists
to tell HIS tales to the people
who believe in HIS plan
and are blessed with eternal life with HIM

Love Letter


I love you-Goodbye.

I’ll always remember you-inside.

Of Mind, Body, and Soul-like the rest,

Mind and Soul I’ll remember-of you the best.

I’ll always know you were the love of my life

Through the sickness, the pain, and all the strife.

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I hope to ever do,

I could only wish that it wasn’t to you.

For you raised me lovestrong.

Now I wish I could say-God’s will is wrong,

But faith in HIS plan is right,

Whether you do or don’t-survive the night

Mother, I love you-Goodbye

Non Sequiturs


I hate people’s non sequitur comments

About poems I write with a deep core meaning

When people say, “I love your poetry”

But miss my point and don’t comment on that

I’d rather receive constructive criticism

That shreds apart my work, revealing every single flaw

Than be told “It’s great” and not be told “I understand what you mean”