the end is nigh


In between hideousness
slave to all those things that were
meant to free me
time went by quickly
my bright purplish conscience
tomorrow, i will win over the city
i will run all those red eyed gargoyles
out of the city

doors creek
locks weep
i will pinch their noses
and dry their tears
maybe it is a sign of
the familiar times
swarming through
but i hear the rattling sound
of metal cages
embalmed creatures
flying up to kiss
the hard belly of the monster

oh my nebulosa
screeching sounds
endless they come
from the tv, radio
pastors, furnice,
strangers on the street
and all the few people i know
call it life

nothing phases you either
you’re tightly tucked in
and i shiver like i used to
the sky is blue
trees are green
stop lights are red
and on the other side,
words seem so simple
and when lined right,
they say :

“you’ll be alright”
“I’m thinking of you”
“i Know”
“i’m sorry”
“you’re still growing”
“thank you for being here”
“farewell, I will miss you”

One thought on “the end is nigh

  1. I need more time with this one, but so far I like it. And I also like seeing your frequent posts. New posts on the Sieve are honestly a huge highlight in my day.

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