einstein was right you know
about both time and relativity.

what’s five minutes, you might say,
well it’s a lifetime for a popsicle in
in the sun

and i’ve been waiting here a lifetime
or two, if you consider the span of time
a gnat tends to survive when born in a
frog infested pond

and frankly 2 minutes again is asking too
much. maybe you don’t value our relationship
always showing up five minutes late.

or maybe you just value our friendship relatively


3 thoughts on “ruminations and verse which came to me today when, after purchasing a popsicle to soothe my still-sore throat, i placed it on the footboard of my bike and rode the rest of the way back to work before consuming it. i thought it no big deal, but then it occurred to me that said popsicle must have felt itself on the verge of death (like a fish flopping on the carpet 4 feet below it’s bowl perched on the bookshelf — out of water) for those full five minutes.

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