The Spider


While out walking in the woods,
I stumbled into a silken web,
soon I became entangled in all my finery,
not a damn thing I could do in my suit,
my entrapment made worse by my thrashing,
only until I tired did I fully realize what this meant,
trapped, in a giant web,
where did this come from,
oh please lord please,
tell me this can’t be real…

and then my nightmares became reality,
and then did my horror begin to rise,
the fear crept over me, inch by inch,
Ensnared by a giant killer queen,
and I froze as I stared into its many eyes

It’s great jaws gnashing in hungry delight,
the hairs on it’s bulbous body bristled,
and it’s fangs glistened brightly, deadly.

All my life I’ve been terrified
by spiders.
All my life I’ve been afraid
of their killing principles.
And I’ve fallen into her trap,
fallen into her web.
But now,
I cannot fight.

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