My cat merlot sings when I’m not around
she calls me names
her heinous gaze reminds me of you
and like a beaten child I quiver in a corner
where you left echoes of your solistices
slowly I bury myself in visions of you
your voice resonates
you’re like a hyphen between the piles of my small-fry years
keeping my soul afloat

While I was looking fey and shuttered
longing for cobblestone streets and
lanterns of warm orangey hues
you fed on ashes and brumes
eyeing everybody else
squashed torn up and hateful
but stars kept getting brighter
and the night darker
you screamed, I drank rhum
you cried, I scratched your skin
I couldn’t prove that I love you
or knew any worthwhile trade

On my way to a different place
you snacked on my will instead
I felt your hand breaking me
down into domino pieces
[but was love such a terror
that it should send me rolling down on the ground
piece by piece]
so I grabbed my luck and ran
only to later find myself holding you up like
an oriflamme of love and hate
[no wonder my cat merlot sings when I’m not around]