I had sworn to never re-read stuff I have written, yet at around 3:30 am, I found myself doing just that. Only to realize the outlandish fact that it’s been three years since I have joined S&S Much to my shock and dismay (given the non-committal side of me ) you’re slowly turning into the freakin’ love of my life which is troubling to say the least (but in a good way).

So having (somewhat) known you guys for some time, I think confessions are in order:

# I have never told anyone about the fact that I write at S&S (nobody has actually read any of the stuff I’ve written-possibly because I have yet to like any of my scribblings- I am just glad/surprised you put up with it)

# I am secretly convinced that none of you actually exist (like I have never thought of you as actual human beings- you sort of exist in a parallel dimension)

# My shadow personality is like Foma Fomich (“The Village of Stepan-chikovo”), tyrannical, self-important, master of the universe, full of crazy antics [except my universe has a population of exactly 1, thus having no human beings/servants to malign or demonstrate my moral and religious superiority to (although I have no clear life guidelines/morals/ethics to speak of, I still insist that they’re the best), I am simply absurd]. In short, like Fomich, I am a person who lacks awareness and is not able to understand the disparity between what he actually is and what he believes he is* (I am paraphrasing someone from a blog I don’t quite remember the name of.)

# Candy is to me what fresh blood is to vampires

# I have imagined & written tons of recipes/scenarios for some of the Disney’ s characters ( I think Tweety could turn into a quite tasty stew for Sylvester, and let’s not talk about Road Runner, I have contemplated kidnapping executives of the Disney Corp and forcing them to produce multiple cartoon (cooking )shows where Coyote Rock catches, cooks and eats Road Runner in a souffle, or as a summer barbecue or kebabs over sautéed rice (ah, the choices… Don’t judge me, I think it is only fair- those creatures had it coming).

That’s it, I have no more confessions/trivial facts to share. Actually, I could have written this in an email, but I decided to trespass on the wonderful space reserved for poetry because that’s how I roll, I am a Rebel without a cause(what am i saying ?! oh the shame, the shame, it’s not 1955 anymore).


“He was not born to shame.
Upon his brow shame is ashamed to sit.”


7 thoughts on “a message of pointless confessions to my fellow poets at the sieve and sand

  1. Every three years, or so, I am re-convinced of Roger’s existence because he returns from across the world (or so he says), and we smoke and drink together. As for the rest of you (and two out of every three years for Roger), perhaps you are all manifestations of some self-aware artificial intelligence that has chosen to masquerade under several alter-egos, so as to post poetry on our charming little site. Regardless, I am glad to have known you all.

  2. mmmm…. three years is about to arrive. and beer will be had. smoke will be inhaled. and manifestations of myself will abound.

    indeed this rant of confessions is what made augustine great (or perhaps it was his love of the Lord). and rants are exactly what the sieve was created for.

  3. on the non-existent point, i’ve often thought of this. it’s then followed by a vague desire to organize a sieve and sand meeting of the minds in real time and space…

  4. While the meeting would be epic, I do wonder how we would reach consensus on location? Still, I think upon said meeting transpiring, the discovery would be something to the effect of realizing we all are, in fact, not human beings. Most importantly however, is my intrigue with Disney character soups. Why not write out those recipes in poetry form? OR! When we meet up we’ll conspire to actually kidnap one of the characters and make it a reality! I think it’s about time the Sieve diversified its exploits beyond poetry.

  5. I’m down for something like Memphis, St. Louis, something central. I don’t know.

    I’d like to see all of your smiling faces. And the frowning ones too.

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