the chains he made holding us down

October 18, 2008

all of the blood was surely
pumping when my black knight
woke me under what was always
a full moon to sing me gothic
lullaby’s and take me wanting
into his lair under the dirt
where we would crush everything
in our paths

always i would wake in the
aftermath confused and lost,
my most precious belongings
scattered around my room,
and parts of me broken and
bruised and ashamed and i
would wait for another bright
moon never more prepared.

9 Responses to “the chains he made holding us down”

  1. Roger Mugs Says:

    i misread the second line and thought something along these lines:

    all of the blood was surely
    pumping when my back slashed
    open through intentional industrial
    accident via 2×4 saw
    and pump it did in a stream tall and long
    reaching near the roof before returning
    to the ground on which i now lay

    – but yours was cool too

  2. David X. Hugo Says:

    probably because i said night instead of knight

    either that or your on acid.

  3. Poeta Maximus Says:

    Acid is the right answer, Roger might deny it but that’s because of all the pretty colors

  4. Poeta Maximus Says:

    you all should pronounce “via” as “wia” because that is how it would be pronounced in latin

  5. Poeta Maximus Says:

    it means path or road

  6. Roger Mugs Says:

    ego pello pepulli pulsum vestri equus insquequo is quoniam victus

    is all that need be added

  7. Poeta Maximus Says:

    All of those are nominative

  8. Poeta Maximus Says:

    so that cannot be translated as a sentence.

  9. Poeta Maximus Says:

    virumne bonum in oppidis vestris es

    answer with yes or no

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