this is a long drive


this is a long drive
for someone with
to think about

i might
show the custom concern
and head south
into the tundra/
because she
while i’m
talking shit
about a pretty sunset

and we go down to
her beachside property,
dog paddle,
and it’s all about
making everyone happy/
mechanical birds
so she goes to sleep
while i’m at the lounge
space travel is boring…
wait, breakthrough,
exit does not exist.

5 thoughts on “this is a long drive

  1. I came as a rat, but now I’m on the Karma payment plan. I have dirty fingernails because I’m a four fingered fisherman. I also eat snowflakes with plastic forks. God damn I am such a jerk, as well as a sad sappy sucker; then again, I’m the good things.

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