speaking spanish

You spoke spanish to me in the dark
silently and slowly
close to my ear
like a spider spinning a web
each word a strand to
feeling myself trapped, i
did not struggle, but:

(in the middle of the day
as i thought about this/us)

a sonnet collectively written by my eighth period class

Why do I love you?
You have the key to my heart.
Fo’ lyfe I’ma call you mah boo,
Even when we’re apart.
You are more beautiful than a rose,
You always look so sexy.
Even when you pick your nose
I know you are my destiny.
To me you never lie,
You always speak the truth,
as sweet as apple pie,
You tell me I got spinach in my tooth.
Your love fills up my heart,
Thank god you can withstand my farts.

Look Up and Down the Side

Cool the

Hell down

If you want the freedom to



And justice. Don’t

X your enemies off your list or you’ll end up


Fist fighting

Retards in jail

Every day so you don’t get killed

And or raped by a man whose been locked up for a very long time.


Pangram Phight

Hello, azure eyed Tiger,

Who lives in the Jade Green Forest,

Where You buy Your pick of Monkeys

And his queer, onyx Cousins.


Great Panthera Onca

With Your melanistic pigmentation,

Fading at the Black Zenith,

Jaguar Queen, you vexed me.


Blood filled Cousins, Kindred Enemies

Pumped with Grave Hatred

We quarreled and jousted

Expecting yelps and a haze of pain.


By Inhuman Blood we duel,

Lethal Fangs pierce quickly,

But not at all in vain for

Slit Jugulars zero My Life next.

First Light

With a color scheme of orange to blue

I do lie there under you.

Through eight hours of darkness,

I awaited your beautiful bliss.

Waiting for you to come into sight,

I stayed up the entire night.

Wandering and wondering until you appeared

At sun up I gleefully cheered.


A creature with eyes like fire

And a mouth like Satan’s Abyss.

It dwells in the hearts of ev’ry liar,

Which strikes like swords at victims of Death’s Kiss.


Fear overtakes our minds and souls.

For it’s the servant of Weakness

Created by God’s seven plagues and bowls

Destroyed only by brav’ry’s sleeplessness.

Judgment (Book of Revelation)

What is worse? No love or only hate.

If Man continues, doomed is Fate.

Since Genesis, now Revelation,

All men shall perish in damnation.


With ten horns and seven crowns and heads,

Dragon waits for the Man Her womb sheds.

Great Michael waged a heavenly war,

Against the Dragon, so says the Lore.


Smited down by the Great Angel’s sword,

Hurled down from the sky was the Dark Lord,

Who blamed Mankind for his present case,

Vengeance for the woman he did chase.


The Beast of Earth and the Beast of Sea

Are destined to become, you’ll fear He.

Marks of Satan so the Book does tell,

Required for trade, Ticket to Hell.


Seven plagues for those who disobeyed.

Alas God’s final wrath is portrayed.

With dismay Earth received each plague sent.

Doom to those who refused to repent.


Plunging deep in the Lake of Sulfur,

Babylon mourned by Kings and Sailors,

Merchants do cry out for Her great crimes,

Angels advising of judgment times.


“Hallelujah,” spoke angels and people

For the Lamb be wed upon the steeple.

Those invited to the supper are blessed.

The power of love in them was best.


First Resurrected were followers,

Beheaded by testimonies, Sirs.

Second Death is the Lake of Fire,

For all who didn’t hold God dire.


Destroyed were the Heavens, Hell, and Earth,

To make way for the greatest rebirth.

New Jerusalem for eternity,

Where Men and God live in harmony.

Always Keep Trying

Never give up when you fall off that horse.

Get right back on, and bring confidence of course.

When you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place,

Never bring your head down, keep running that race.

When you’re up a creek without a paddle,

Don’t give up, fight the river like cowboys do cattle.

Always keep trying and you’ll succeed,

Let your will grow, like a planted seed.

Pain & Love

Once upon a year ago,

Terrible news struck my ears.

Time began to pain and slow.

Stabbed by words like pointy spears.


A dreadful misfortune struck.

A growth too much to handle.

All depending on pure luck.

Life dwindling, like a candle.


Now a year has timely passed.

I’ve learned new lessons that show

Pain and love can be amassed

By the friends who come and go.

Nature’s Trap

Over a road and across a plain,

I ran in silence, except the rain.

I gathered wits at enemy lines.

Through a bush & through some vines.


I rolled across an open point of vision,

Up a trail, my skin gained a small incision.

Back through the cover of some brush,

Crawling forward, I told myself “Hush, hush, hush”.


On I moved until I felt a sensation.

A series of stings made from Nature’s Creation.

Hidden well with a fine disguise,

A mass of nettles caught me, but I gave no cries.


Continually biting, they burned my skin.

Made of steel, unlike their wooden kin.

Finally Nature’s Trap released me to pass,

Upon which, I moved out onto the cool grass

Churning Choices


Lost in a Sea of Opportunity


Changes in

Time allows for an

Ultimate recession



Intense and lax but,

Not similar in



However big or small,

Old or young,

Inversely shall pass through a


Even if

Sentimentality should hinder them.

Insane sanity

I like to pretend that I’m upset to hide the fact that I don’t care.
I simulate fits of rage and bite people on the cheek to protest against
the dwindling state of the world. I cry wolf whenever I see a TV ad, and
wear aluminum foil on my head for protection.
They human gods who pursue to change people’s destinies
will not reach into my mind mess with their colorful, sellable verbose.
But I feel a tidal force crushing and rushing me at the bottom of this
increasingly aseptic world machine.
I cannot move with the flow,
the fickle crowd in a fleeting delirium seek easy lynches and moral short cuts
and then proceed to build new schools.
It is self preserving sanity not to care and long only for the ocean.

27 may 8






coated with a day’s labor

            building a deck for my Nanny

i know that my hands