5 thoughts on “I can’t dress appropriately for this climate, this time of year

  1. the other way around –
    once in high school i woke up in may and went to school in shorts and a tshirt – flip flops…

    i stayed after because i was in a play or something, when I got out at 5pm there was 4 inches of snow on the ground, my toes were FREEZING.
    and my car never EVER warmed up….

    it was awesome.

  2. i say “sizzling” with three syllables.

    although, the 5-7-5 is a rough translation of the form. a lot of haiku poets don’t stick to that nearly as much as i normally do. my master told me that after I have written 10,000 over at least 10yrs I can deviate if I want to.

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