Man (Remix)


There are many ways
In which I am a man.
Perhaps I can offer you a few manswers
And a little comandy as well
In my following mantra manuscript:

With feats of strength and might
I command the armies
Calling orders and making mandates.
But let’s be clear about that, I don’t man-date.
With unmatched skill I maneuver and demand.
I proclaim manifestos!
And I’m a maniac.
I’m mangy so stay out of my way
Or I’ll mangle you.
But don’t worry, for I still have manners.
For example when I’m not manipulating
I mail my letters in manila envelopes
Or play love songs with my mandolin.

I am a man with much to manage
As I manufacture tanks
And other mandatory and manly things.
But I take time off for my manicures!
I hate Monday’s but I love Mandays
When I can watch Manchester United.

I take my vacations to Manitoba
Where I eat mandarins or mangos
And sprinkle cinnaman on them
Chewing with my mandible.
While there I once saw a manta ray
And almost caught maningitis
While I was hunting for manatee

I never wear pants. I only wear mants
And I place important papers on my mantle
So that I’ll never forget my manniversary!