do something

the door is closed
i lie in a sugary filth
i dream of international politics
the possibilities remain unheeded
the apathy in the air
fossilizes the skin

do something different
than you’ve done before
maybe it won’t leave you
empty and hungry
and lying in a cheap
sugary filth

do something or you
will be frozen in
gasping for breath
with stone lungs whose
efficiency is massively

do something at all and
push a wave into the
maddening ocean and
try not to cringe
when it comes back
changed by the distance
and its intent foreign

do something so they all
stop staring.

stone eyes

stone eyes was given love
at great cost to his lover
he cast her down, he raised her corpse
he said “a feast,
and he ate away with his friends
if stone eyes could really smile
it might’ve been then
but he kept it to himself