let’s drive north


and leave this all behind,
saying farewell to our lives,
dropping the imperatively meaningless tasks,
walking out on our fucking jobs,
jumping onto 25
to see where it will take us,
leaving texas behind (good riddance),
passing through new mexico
only to linger in colorado
before tackling wyoming,
continuing on with no directions,
with no definitions,
with no plans,
except to find canada’s cool embrace
before our lives find us
and drag us back
to the heat of our lives.

salvation by breakup and road trip


for a weekend out
in a borrowed car
we roll up the windows
put the cruse control at 65
and stay in the right lane

cranking the music
we prepare for the best
and drive until neither can
keep an eyelid peeled

stopping only once we’ve made it
to las vegas
new mexico
aka hell on earth

giving up on the camp ground
we settle for a inn with a smoking room
and light our pipes
and turn on the tv to snow

in the morning we make it to the sand dunes
and roll down hills to implant ourselves
face first snow angels in the side of each hill
forgetting our camera we make the trip twice

trying a camp ground again
this time we’re caught in the snow and find
our canned soups only light thanks to duralog
and our final match

turning north we return home at 5am
to refreshed heads
and clear hearts ready for the upcoming
loss which will save me