Magical coffee


it happens everyday
i can’t make it go away;
with every drink i take
my bowels begin to wake,
begin to press and make such a clamor
that i wonder if i swallowed a hammer,
and so inadvertently i make my way
giving in to the unanswerable sway
of the pressure down below
raging like a bellows.

flame in, flame out.


bowl of red
boiling spice
to dip our delicacies
boil, entice
our senses with

cow throat
cow heart
pig intestines
         –  ‘my friends,’ i ask, ‘do you not realize what was squeezed through this?’
pig stomach
(among other things)

6pm I ate you down
4am you woke me up

climbing back into bed with
an arse afire

trained my thought (of)


the days have been less kind to me
i find myself more prone to awkwardly timed
bowel movements
than i did when i was young
i suppose. what did i eat? where?
was there lactose? spice?
the days i suppose it depends, was there spice?
i find myself more awkwardly prone
to lactose timing
less kind to my bowel movements
days lately. lactose and spice
awkwardly kind
where i suppose i eat
prone to when i was young
it all depends

pooetry day


and when on toilet i did sat
things came out and i did shat
the things i knew to come they did
unfortunately some on the lid
but poo is as poo does and we all poo poo
from small ones to big ones its still doo doo
be hard be it small or be it round
best if we keep it in our pants, in the bowl, off the ground
be it well written or be it shit
anything today will fit

poo in a can, a crapper, a bus, a tree
a day it will be of pooetry

things that made us famous, but you’re still nobody


all too many people
shy away from the topic of poo
out of fear of offending
their mothers reading
their works when they finally
publish their own book

the sieve can address it all
from rape to cannibalism
when we want to say pants
we say trousers

if i say trunk, i mean both
the ass of the car
and a garment to cover your ass
whilst you swim

i have boldly gone where you
have not
the deep has never challenged me

hover, and hold
squatting will keep you from having
to squeeze

but dont fall in
or you’ll become famous
you nobody.