The Odyssey For My Self


How I try to perceive you
How deep down must I look
How long must I search for you
How treacherous are the waters that I must cross
How many calls must I make
Of joy and love
Of sadness and fear
Before you hearken to my words
How may I examine myself
Without an inner eye through which to look
How many errors must be made
Before one can tear down their guise
How many breaths of air will I take
Before I breathe in you
How many mornings shall I awake
Before I know the name of you
What is a heart without a voice
What is a mind without a soul
What is a body without an essence
What is a man without a goal
How much pain must I suffer
Of myself and this earthly plane
How much fear must I survive
Before the judgment of our name
How many triumphs must I take
And walk away with tears for the defeated
How many defeats must I claim as my own
And still gait away with dignity
You are the essence of my being
You are the thought that makes me real
You are the desires of the heart
You are the ghost within my shell