Titanium Justice


I remember a thunderstorm
in a field one summer and
the lighting was better than
every firework I’ve ever seen

Then four years went by
and you packed up to go
from one place to another
though you stopped here
for a moment,
at least

Then four years were
purely inconsequential
and everything was just
as it always was and
if the sky cracks any differently
in Texas I know at least
you’ll see it the same

And thank you, for it.

Texas Thunder Storms


the day was dark
damp and dank
with rolling,
reverberating thunder
and flashes of lightning,
so bright,
lighting the night,
jaggedly stretching
from earth to sky,
briefly burning into my eyes,
remaining burned in memory
long after the darkness returned
and consumed the light completely,
so that only the damp and dank,
the dark remained.