Scars Meeting Scars


Scars meeting
scars. While we
were yet sinners.
Squeeze and
exhale. Release. Fall apart. One. Scars.
In the hands. In the feet. The scar from
the rib that
was removed.
The scar from
the spear that
pierced. The
scars in his
hands touch
The scars on
our wrists and
by his wounds
we are healed.



Many different people can rescue you:
from a burning house
from a sinking ship

from a collapsing building
being trampled underneath a stampede
mauled by an animal
from unexpected in-laws
severing your own wrists
thieves in the darkness

from drowning
an awkward conversation
when a disaster strikes
from extreme boredom
unwanted responsibility
a squealing crash
bound and gagged in captivity

throw a life raft
bail you out
take the bullet for you
swerve just in the nick of time
pull you from the wreckage
slam the brakes
offer a listening ear
push you out of the way
pay your loans
take the blame

you can be rescued from many things
but only one person can save you.