you just want to fall down wherever you like you think the tears from your bruised knee should stop traffic you think fair for you is fair for everyone you think your mental boulders are real you think it makes me cold-hearted that i think you’re wrong you are crushed beneath the weight of a boulder and you are lying there with no strength to lift it you will spend hours wondering whether your time being offended at other people’s lifestyles helped you in any way move that boulder but it has no feelings to manipulate and you are powerless to move the objective things with no subjective ones around you are an individual worm who all along felt it was more.

this is for the ones i left unfinished


this is for the ones
i left unfinished:

fuck you anyway
i hope you are waiting
and shivering at an
abandoned bus stop
mouth full of cotton
i hope you grow real
just as the sun sets
i hope you walk to
and put one in my dome
while i’m sleeping

and then it will be
fuck me,