it wasn’t fair, no one said it was, now go toast the happy couple


the lights were
still on the music
still loud when you
ran crying into the
cold night

the sand ate up
your steps and
when you met the
sea it was so cold,
and so uninviting

what did you expect?

maybe a caring and
warm omnipotent
cloud whose womb
you would climb inside
of and wish it all away

yet the air outside
the wedding tent was cold
as was the water that
lept at your toes
as you stood backwards

let go
fall into
the ocean
wait for
the dj to
stop alltogether
and the
party to
come for

drift into
the icey
ocean of
your feelings
and your
ambitions and
your perfect
universe never
to be

or, don’t you have the balls?
or, walk back to the tent
let the sand eat your steps
wipe the salt water off your face
and toast the happy couple.



after all the calls stopped
and after the visits ended,
after i threw you out,
what was left of our love?
what was left of our past?

and now in 2016.76 ways
i’ll interpret that you said
“i forgive you:”
for being a bastard;
for being ingrateful;
for being an ingrateful bastard.

and if i could forgive you too
i would,
but i don’t even have one way
to reach to where you are,
if i only knew where you are.