Family Reunion Subtext


Come in!
Come in!

It’s so good to see you
(and you are)?
Oh, yes, Carol’s son
(You don’t look like her,
but I’ll take your word).
So where do you live
(will i approve)?
Oh, do you know so and so
(the drunk!)?
No? Do you know so and so
(the bastard!)!
Now that’s too bad
(I guess you’re alright after all);
go get some pie before it’s all gone dear
(off to test someone else).



Going home is strange
and nearly, almost always
leads to regression,
not within me
but within my dad
who mistakes me for the child i was
and forgets that i can make my own choices
but instead expects me to join in
to whatever the action is,
whether that is eating
mylanta for upset tummies
or drinking water
when i don’t want to
or taking a dump
at the appropriate time,
so that after i leave,
i never know how
i make it on my own.