if time could travel backwards part 6


I would knock you over
before your new soft skin
ever touched the fire

I would let you slide
when you needed to
even if I hated it

Instead of snapping back
or head-butting
I would take more hits
more stoically,
I would take your lashing
with much more grace

But later when your skin was tough
I’d let you take your scrapes head-on
without an unsolicited word,
with all the fury of a desert storm

Fury there would be

And I would hope and wish and dream
that when a cold-front came in
you would thrash beyond it’s milding

You would burn bright forever

and sometimes I would light my torch with yours

If I could make time travel backwards
and make you whole and even
I’d give you everything I could.


Arctic Blast


The world is about to end, Oh My!

at least that is what i’ve been led to believe
from the people on tv,
who of course are right
because they’re on tv.

schools are closed
and workplaces too,
as well as even a drive-through or two,
what is there left to do?

I guess I’ll just watch more doctor who…