And So Begins The End


Our lives begin anew again
at 12 o’clock tonight.
Will this be the year we live our lives right?
What’s it going to take for us to realize
We’ve got to make this night count?
Resolutions commence,
As the time ticking between this year
and the new year thins.
Will they be to not sweat the small stuff,
because it’s all small stuff?
Will they be to walk in someone else’s shoes,
take a look through their eyes?
Or just get dedicated to something,
go out and take a risk,
a leap of faith?
Take a chance and love someone?
Find meaning and answers?
Shed a bad habit? Inherit a good one?
Brush off all the little inconsistencies?
Begin to see life from the other side?
But even perhaps tonight we’ll realize:
Life is too short to even be concerned
with all these resolutions,
and maybe we should just resolve to live it.