I can’t stop looking at my phone and computer


part 4 in a series inspired by Shia LeBeouf’s tweets

tell me you think i’m beautiful
even if it is a lie
and let us not shy away from
the utility in fucking
the rent is paid now for sure
but i still feel homeless
i know you too well now to even
have a firm idea of
well i mean the relativity of it all
is the only solid thing
i can’t stop looking at my
phone and computer

even heaven seems really boring

i don’t know what i’m waiting for

this sinking feeling that is bottomless

you can’t talk your way out of this one

4 thoughts on “I can’t stop looking at my phone and computer

  1. I don’t say that often

    I think the poem got a bit lost between those lines

    “have a firm idea of
    well i mean the relativity of it all”

    I really liked the first part.

    But, hey, this is just me.
    Sorry if it is out of my jurisdiction

    1. No problem, I value your feedback and kind words.

      I did make that part disjointed on purpose. Sorry you didn’t find that part as palatable.

      Thank you for reading.

    2. After rereading it a couple of times I have to say I agree that, even if I did mean for it to be disjointed, that I probably should have included some more descriptive language in the ending.

      Unfortunately I don’t edit my poems but to fix grammatical and formatting errors. Just one of those things.

      I need more focus in my work.

      1. I, too, edit my work very rarely. Too rarely.
        In any case, it might be very good and just what you wanted but when I read stuff I like I am more likely to want to point out what, if, isn’t working for me.

        Thank you for your replies and for taking it in a good spirit. I know it isn’t always nice to hear so I appreciate very much your response and happy to hear your own thoughts.

        Until the next time *ade*

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