Sometimes I roll a die
and a number comes up
and that’s my number
and I have to deal with that
for good or ill
and sometimes I lose the game
and sometimes I just lose
but I have to deal with that
and if there’s one thing
that I have learned in my years,
it’s that if someone hands you dice
and you don’t know them
and they ask you to roll those bones,
it’s time to head home,
to your friends and family,
and make yourself a sure bet

2 thoughts on “Gambler

  1. Pretty great advice. What’s better yet is how you come up with these almost… philosophical, but not quite that heavy handed gems so consistently. It contains direction, advice, yet some underlying irony (humor?) and seems to undermine itself at the same time. I’m poorly describing it, but I know what I mean. Even so, they’re fabulous.

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