to mock one’s self


he always liked the sex better
when she would tell him how
big his cock was

made him really feel like he
had something

she would chase those words
with cigarette smoke
take the cash and find the
nearest bathroom

it was like shitting or eating

and sometimes on the walks
home she would think about
how great love seemed in books
and often times she would
break down and cry because
no one would love her
not a hooker

she would never have the
perception to understand that
the millions of people whose
weight felt heavy
on top of her
all of that of society
were just like her, mostly

and just like her trick
they all just want to have

so putting her down makes
them feel important

but without that truth her
tears fell all silent
and sad, and the trick
went on to manage a business
with his huge cock, of course.

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