Set the House on Fire


keep close to me
you and your mistress
american dream
soon you and your wet feet
will be hot as ifrit’s armpits

your lovemaking was like old books
burning the truth from your head
camping on the carpet of cowardice
a tent made from blankets
but your trailing yellow streak thinks
we’re outside

between the madness and the blind she is waiting
her breath is graveyards
she spits headstones and banal epitaphs
dead decades before the deceased
what are you sprinkling on cold biers for?

you hide it so well
you’re so dead inside

so set the house on fire
sweep up your dreams with dust pans
burn her picketed prison
as skuzzy as motel linens

One thought on “Set the House on Fire

  1. One time I stayed at a motel and everything was bright pink and the whole place smelled like smoke and the floors were tile and the beds were too soft and it was the sort of thing you’d imagine as a plot device for a cheesy murder mystery but really there was just a lot of cuckolding going on there I’m sure but anyway your piece is fantastic.

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