there’s a sad song playing on the
radio in my head, and it unfortunately
does not fit the mood.

in fact it’s ruining my experience
here at the pub entirely. the sports
on the television would be great if this
dumb violin would stop being so effing
brilliant. and the beer in my hand
would taste much better if that trumpet
could just shut up for a while, why
must he jam so long, so righteously?

why must the music that never shuts
up play so clearly? so beautifully? so
wonderfully in all the right ways, but at
all the wrong times?


One thought on “my favorite nightmare. the one i cherish. though it’s filled with fear and trembling, i secretly hope for it every night before sleep. that one.

  1. What an awesome ride. Cosmopolitan, but with kind of a Zen-Tao-whatchamacallit edging in. I love the attitude. And the irony. This is unique for all of the above. Thank you.

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