Beauty begets Beauty


For Tara

I wish I could capture
the beauty of California
for you
and the romance
of the weeds which
make knots of themselves
and boomerang green
chasing yellow flowers
which will explode
into dandelions, Someday.
Knowing only how to exist,
so simple, yet
I want to thread lavender
and mint between
your fingers and trace
your lips with
lemon leaves
and show you where the
grass grows even under
dead trees.
I want to kiss the spot
where the ocean meets the
rocks with you.
And plant gardens
and grow love in
I’ve seen the sun play miracles
against your eyes
It’s undeniable.
And here
where the sun is already kind
I’d like to see the magic
you would bring.
In the meantime
I stitch post cards and photos
skintight on to my chest and
imagine holding them strong
against you. I pray
for the sun to love us both
unsparingly and rename
the prettiest days
after you and
where daydreams are always beautiful
I always dream of you.

2 thoughts on “Beauty begets Beauty

  1. The first half of this, particularly the plant-life descriptions are extremely well done. The first and second half almost sound like two different poems combined together. Were they? Should they be?

    1. I do see what you mean, although I like parts of the second half. I think a rewrite is in order, and probably an attempt to pull some of the imagery from the first half in to the second. And resolutiony and whatnot.

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