How about an invention?
A reinvention, a reimagining.
Now I know we can’t turn time,
but we can pretend.
Can’t we?
We’ll lose some weight,
get some plastic,
grow some hair
(or lose some).
Hell I could reinvent myself,
in just a day,
a second,
won’t take long.
I’ve done it before,
I can do it again.
As a snake sheds its skin,
I’ll shed myself.
We’ll become anew.
But then,
isn’t a snake still the snake?
A butterfly still the same catepillar,
with pretty new wings?


One thought on “Sorry for the absence, though I think we’ve all lost ourselves

  1. Actually when a caterpillar enters the cocoon, it dissolves in to a soup of genetic material which is then reassembled in to a butterfly.

    Isn’t that weird?

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