The Everyman is a Piece Of Shit and Other Stories


Sometimes I
can handle listening to
him and her
complaining about
every tedious detail
of their life
and I can even feel
from time to time

But then the truth comes out:

“Signed this loan
(can’t afford it)
bought this car
(cant afford that)
bounced this cheque
(to cover the car)
stole this jacket
(I was cold)
drove on a suspended license and told the officer I was my brother during a routine traffic stop
(well, that’s sort of that,
isn’t it?)”

And I just don’t think
I can take it any more.


I think I’m going to start
a pawn shop.

That way, I
may have to listen,
but I don’t have to care.

2 thoughts on “The Everyman is a Piece Of Shit and Other Stories

  1. people’s overwhelming financial problems are ridiculously annoying.

    “I’m in debt up to my ears, so I traded in my leased honda for a mustang… because hey.. what’s $10,000 more debt?”


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