‘It Can’ doesn’t mean ‘It Should’


An average human being
can spend
without food
(as long as he
remains hydrated)
forty-five days
if the weather is
before his body
runs out of
to absorb
and starts in
on the organs and
such, then the
brain, when he
will probably
brain damage

An average human being
does not need
to experience
this for any

2 thoughts on “‘It Can’ doesn’t mean ‘It Should’

  1. The title reminds me of a line from a Jon Sands poem- “If you had asked me to stay, I would not have said no. It would never mean yes.”

  2. i did a 40 day fast about 5 years ago… after about a week you’re not really hungry anymore… but i desperately missed the flavor of food. i just wanted flavor of anything… water and juice got soooooo bland.

    i did it to pray for my ministry as it was starting up, and i asked the Lord for 3 specific words.

    the last night i prayed in frustration that i heard not even 1 word from him… then i felt like i heard real clearly, “you want three words? I’ll give you three words. pride, pride, and pride.”

    haven’t fasted much since then. sad really… still was a good experience… not what i anticipated though… i’ll tell you that.

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