it’s that time of night
where the night before
you didn’t really sleep
worth beans
and you’re still up
because of that thing
you don’t need to do
but have no power over
yourself to keep yourself
from doing it
and you’re dreaming of
writing something long
and valuable and worthy
of your fingers hitting
the keyboard
but you know it’s too
late for coherent beautiful
words and so you settle
for something much much
less. something like a
rant where your sole
goal is a column of words
nearly uniform in size
but even that you
fail at in several
lines. but seeing your
comfort in failure you
resign yourself to bed.
and sleep comes, but much
too slowly.


One thought on “i don’t rant often enough. hereby resolved: rant if you can (but don’t make any extra effort, certainly do not promise you’ll rant more often. what if, after all, you forget to rant tomorrow or throughout the whole week and it turns out you resolved to do something you would fail at? what then? well, i learned a long time ago never to make promises in writing unless i was absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that i was 100% likely to keep said promise. but such promises are extremely-awkwardly rare. so i settle instead to resolve things in my head instead of writing and then when i succeed i say, “hey me, good job. i’m proud of you”, and then i pat myself on the back — physically, not mentally, and continue my life slightly more satisfied with myself than i was a moment earlier, which is to say, extremely satisfied as the amount which i find myself satisfied with myself is probably sickening to most people). whew.

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