This happens every week


for E, T, C, etc, etc, etc, etc 

I fell in love with
seven women
this week. They
had beautiful eyes.
Ranging from the color
of the inside of a walnut
to the face clouds make
right before it rains

The first wore
grey tights
The second told me
she wasn’t sure if she believed
in god. The third
was too tired
to make it up the subway stairs
They all
had beautiful eyes

Because they never asked
why I was dripping
I never mentioned that my eyes
are slow molasses
When I told one that hers
looked just like a robin’s egg
She told me mine reminded her of
a leaf
But only after it had fallen to the ground
She didn’t mention if that meant they were delicate
Or dead

I regret
Not having asked to dance with any of them
Because I imagine they all would have been
spectacular at it
Though I am glad none of them
My feet impaled to the ground
Or my moth hands
flitting around
The fourth
I never talked to
The fifth
Told me she preferred silence. The sixth
I wrote letters for
and mailed only half. They all
Beautiful Eyes. Mine
are wood

The seventh knew this and
knew what I was
doing. She
left a note to me on the beach.

The ocean ate all of it
but her name

3 thoughts on “This happens every week

  1. wow, that’s great. It seriously put a smile on my face, and it’s too god damn early in the day that even the idea of a smile usually seem like a treasure hidden in a faraway land, so seriously it was that nice reading it!

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