The river always speaks truth


There are days I’m startled by the other person in the room
When it’s late at night
And I’m the only one here
And I forgot to turn the heat on

So in an effort to make a more hospitable environment
Today I tried
Hacking and burning the island inside myself
Because, yes
I am made of that much overgrowth and accumulated
Mess and the undertoe in my rivers
Will suck
No these rapids don’t roar
They hush


Only the water on the rocks
Is audible
And only when I am waist deep in it
It whispers to me

You cannot spend any more time hanging around your own hazes
That silhouette you picture is not here
But please do not define emptiness by its shape
Though you have holes
You are still holy

But I’ve spent too much time corking shut
My silences
So I don’t listen to the river
Even under water
Even when the world is frozen over
I reverberate in the throat just enough
To steadily hum out the truth I
Already feel pressing like actual thumbs
In my ears
I play band saws
So I don’t hear the river
In those moments when it tells me
That silence
Might not mean emptiness
We are all holy
And so holy enough
Even though I don’t want to hear that

Right now
I’d lay down
Next to any one
Who could sing over that in her sleep

Who could teach my hands
The violin curve of a swan long neck
My grasshopper music needs accompaniment

But without that kind of magic in my fingers
I just try to catch reflections as if
I might bounce them out my throat as lullabies
And float them into
The cracks in my walls
When the river gets too loud again

It is shocking
How many electric prayers I’ve spat to stop it
But pressing my tongue up against electrical sockets
Can only get me
So far
I’m just looking for someone to tether myself to
I’m just looking for someone who’s weather proof. You
Need to board up my panes

Before the river
Rises over my head
Then I will not be able to avoid
We are all holy
Even as individuals

But I don’t want to forget you yet

4 thoughts on “The river always speaks truth

  1. I did combine a couple of other poems in to this, some of which I have already posted here, so I apologize for any redundancies.

    1. Thank you! It’s been a bit of an experiment trying to combine. Few similar poems so I hope it made linear sense in some way.

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