Magic maker


For Kaitlin

You were
My moss picking monster angel
Ripping stagnation bed sheets out from under me
And starting forest fires in my nest hair
I spent three months awake because of you
When you gave me nets and told me to catch the moon
And I never did
But I drew constellations on your back
And for a while
That made us the first two astronauts to reach mars
And it was all ours
To make beauty of
And even though we both got dust underneath our nails
And on our palms
And staining ours clothes
We still etched designs into its surface until we covered the whole thing
You built wood around me until I was a treetop canopy
And you were birds soaring past my sky tall head
Bringing me back stories of the places you flew to
You beautiful winged monster angel
I should have known
You could have only stopped flying for so long
Because all of us dirt walkers
Don’t move as quickly as you
You never didn’t know where you were going
I’m convinced you’re at least half wind
And have a hard time believing
We exist in the same world
Kissing you
Always hinted at something impossible
And your easy laughter
Always echoed longer than I expected it to
You made me marathon legged
When I had built barriers to keep myself in bed
And though I came out of it all
Out of breath
Your laughter still plays the triangle sometimes
It sounds like a wink

You and I are made of different worlds entirely
And our brief collision
Was in no way any miracle
But there are days now
When I try on your laughter
And teach myself smiling as wide as you
And some day I expect to catch sight of you
Making sculptures out of clouds
And catching the moon

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