To Virgo


Always walk 

On the right side of the street
And on the left side of a woman 

You walk on the left side of a woman

In the case that 

Water splashes on you

It will splash on you
And not on her

You walk on the right side of the street

Because it makes you feel safe 

The left side of the street
Makes you innately uneasy 

And you can’t explain that

You are 

Innately uneasy

If you had the time

To rest your legs 

You would cut them off
Wouldn’t you 

If you had the time 

To soak your feet
You would drown them 

Wouldn’t you

If you had the time 

If you had the time 

If you had the time you would connect a helium tank
To your belly button
And expand or explode or inflate 

And any of those would be a okay 

Wouldn’t they

If you could be glass
You would not be blown 

You would be lightening on sand
Crack and shattered as essence
If you were a train 

You would be derailed
But you would not stop 

Only faster and faster
Crushing bushes and whole towns under your wheels
And you could not stop
Could you
And if you could, you would not 

Wouldn’t you

And if you 

Could blink more times per minutes
Or rub your eyes with more ferocity 

The things you imagine

Would be more in focus
Than the things that are actually there
And in fact 

You confuse those often

Stop blinking your own existence into alternates
Stop listing the universes in which you live
You are singular
And if you are not you still appear (at most times)
To embody something
So embody that fully
Stop blank staring windows into static
And pretending magic finger tips during long silences
At least long enough to remember
Exist here
And have responsibilities to that end

There are people outside your own doorsafe
Take a moment to feel the hardwood against your feet
Exist here
Speak to them

2 thoughts on “To Virgo

  1. This is a knockout. The rhythm moves it along at a pace which feels like anxious footsteps.

    And welcome to the Sieve, by the way. You and the rest of your recent addition compatriots are certainly tearing up the interweb with some prolific poetry.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that came across- I was nervous to post this because I see it more as a spoken piece so it’s good to hear that the tempo read.

      And thank you again! It’s great to join such a talented and eclectic group!

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