Reasons why love is like a pair of headphones


The deeper I pushed you in to my pockets

The more tangled you became

Every time I would pull you apart
There would be an increased level of frustration


To the point

Where I was pulling
With scarred fingers 

And no regard 

To how much tension you could take 


Although I always know 

Phone right front pocket
Wallet back left 

Keys front left

Always gravitates from different pockets
Throughout the day 

I don’t know where love fits 

In what otherwise
Is a logical system of organization
And there is no designated spot
For my headphones
I never leave the house without love 

Because I need something to distract me 

Monday through Friday’s 

Mundane walk to campus
I have used love 

To drown out distraction
Just as often 

As it has been distraction

But my headphones can not
Drown out love 

And believe me

I have tried

Go through headphones


Losing them 


And often feeling a pang of guilt
When replacing one 
I have not lost
But will not look for
I have found myself
Loving three people at once 

And some days

I put on a jacket
With that many pairs of headphones in its pockets 

I can be that haphazard
With where I place my love
I think I’ve fallen for
An entire airplane’s worth

Of women 

Who I will never talk to 

My headphones
On my last flight
Were cheap and not useful

And until I can invest in love
I will not get the quality of music
I want
But I find myself 

Addressing my letters 

Just as often as I find myself 

At radio shack 

Which is rarely
If ever 

Because I know

That the moment I spend more than 20 dollars on a pair of headphones
I will be in constant fear
Of breaking or losing them

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