Silence/music part 2


Stilt walk me skyward on tree trunks
So I can catch you meteors
Or at least set rocks on fire
And throw them as high I can
Teach my legs
How to dance gently on sand
So I can spell you poems as graceful as
Salt water at your feet
Teach my hands
The violin curve of your swan long neck
My grasshopper music could use your accompaniment
When you sing sunrises
Before your lips ever know it
While I leg scratch melody
With the jittery anxiousness
Of the nights last ice cube
Shaking in the cup of
My moon chalked hands
As they master silence


2 thoughts on “Silence/music part 2

  1. Beautiful imagery here!

    If I could make a small suggestion (feel free to ignore completely) – because you are using the traditional method of capitalizing every line, I got a little lost in the form at the beginning and read it as “and throw them as high as I can teach my legs” and had to re-read to realize where it was supposed to break. Perhaps if you only capitalized the first line of each stanza? Or put a line break between stanzas?

    Or, of course, leave it as is. No one knows more how it should look or sound than you! 🙂 Lots of lovely lines. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been meaning to try to work with form more, especially as I continue to read poetry by different poems to whom form was very important, and it is something that I think in text is incredibly important. I will definitely continue to try harder to see where form can clarify poetry, and of course, where it can lend new meaning as well. In a way this poem was sort of an imagery/metaphor experiment for me, and I need to revisit in a couple weeks and make sure I didn’t get too lost in that at the sake of other things.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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