Silence filled every crater,

as you crept over Sarajevo Roses.

In the comfort of the night,

you left for life.

All covered in tatters

your soul flew for freedom.

All shrouded in swaddling clothes

you fled with your life.

Bullet casings and thousands of miles,

stood before you and safety.

A journey Mother Mary knew

and now you make your pilgrimage.

No star to give you guiding light,

a road into nothing,

a road into the unknown.

A leap of faith, made in faith.

Only God knew,

what pain you suffered.

Only gods knows,

though omniscience is failing.

A journey of tears,

left a trail in your wake,

but safety crept in,

with the morning fog.

And in the holy morning,

you arrived.

With mountains behind you

and infinity before you.

You brought your gifts,

with your holy child.

And in a bank line,

clouded in smoke.

You were murdered,

told your lives were worth nothing.

And as you trembled,

so did heaven.

And as you wept,

so did the holy city.

But as you died,

those gates did open.



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