Eleven (slash) Twelve (pt. 4)


, no street in particular

We saw the pyramids fall
Saw the Empire catch fire
saw the machine work its gears
while its printing presses spewed

While its furnaces consumed

While its bonuses were paid in full

There was gold in the
hills thirty
years ago.

Now the hills
are out of bounds.

Now You and I And
God and Everyone are
starved for soul-food;
we languish in our hunger and
we settle for tenth best

Perhaps we will delete ourselves,
or be deleted, or be (continued)

Nothing will change until it changes.

But there are whole truths for this year
and last year
and the next:

-That knee-jerk reaction you make
when you think you’re going to die,
-we’re not gone yet,
-you don’t know where we’re going,
-you should keep the good ones, and
-you shouldn’t let poets
lie to you