Old friend.
You’re back in town.
At my door


To hang out
Catch up
Spend some time together.

It’s been too long, you say.
It’s been so long, I say.

And I want to.
I want to unlatch the screen door
Welcome you in
Come out and join you.

Something feels brittle.

Come out and play, you say
My fists ball around jeans.
I don’t think I can, I say.
I promised.

It won’t be like that this time, you say
You lick your lips.
You’re lying.

You said the same thing last time.
The time before.
Every time.

You used me.
Blamed me.
Left me holding the guilt.

I could offer you my soul.
You would take it.
Scrub it over a cheese shredder
Returning the heap of curdled curlicues
Gumming together like orange juice pulp.
Leave me empty and throbbing again.

Here, you would say
If only I would say yes.


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