I, as a vulgar man
have made mention of you
and in polite company, too.

Nearly was I ejected from that brood
and sent on my way to colder climes
but I swore, on my life,
to never speak of you again.

But alas, an absolute
is such a fickle, wish-washed thing
and sooner or later I,
try against though I might,
will curse your name again.

Right about now,


3 thoughts on “To the spineless gentleman of ill repute.

  1. When I think about those angsty, juvenile break-up poems that we’ve all had to suffer through at some point, my common practice is to cringe. But when I read this (positing itself in such a “I hate you” kind of way) it contains all those elements in such a concise, devious, humorous, and declarative way, that I can’t help but love every bit of it.

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