Last night I swallowed
my French heritage.
It was everything It could be-
soft murmurs incomprehended;
Breathing into me, knowing
I understand.
A dream unbelievable
Hours of my wildest imagination
right before me

I have not yet woken up.


5 thoughts on “The Parisian Sessions

  1. Welcome to the Sieve! Even more womenfolk blood to add to our ranks. And by blood I mean writing as unfortunately we don’t require that sort of a commitment.. but it is something to consider for future initiations.

  2. mmmm…. did someone say something about blood? totally should add that to our list of requirements… perhaps a blood pact of some sort… anyone know anyone with some kind of disease we could pass on in the process ???

    welcome to the sieve.

    you are welcome.
    at the sieve.
    where you’re writing currently.
    and that is good.
    so welcome.

    1. howdy, y’all. shucks, thanks for the welcome! i guess i though you all could use some more estrogen in your diets. and Jardad- aint nobody gonna bleed me no how!

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